1) Computers are sold in many different stores.

2) English is spoken almost everywhere.

3) Are these shoes designed in Portugal?

4) Less ice-cream is eaten in the winter.

5) Spanish is taught in my school too.

6) Fashionable clothes are worn both by boys and girls.

7) Many people are influenced by the media.

8) Lots of TV is watched nowadays.


1) Linda is taken to school every day.

2) The shops aren’t closed on Saturdays.

3) When is the dog fed (by Mike)?

4) Every competition is won by Michael.

5) New things are invented all the time.

6) Is your breakfast always prepared by your mother?

7) School uniforms aren’t worn in this school.

8) His money is kept in a safe place.

9) All my clothes are bought by my mother.

10) Are safety-pins sold in your store?


1) He didn’t find his files. His files weren’t found.

2) He washed his car on Sunday. His car was washed on Sunday.

3) I didn’t paint the whole room. The whole room wasn’t painted.

4) My grandfather repaired the old clock. The old clock was repaired (by my grandfather).

5) John took a lot of photos at the party. A lot of photos were taken at the party (by John).

6) Richard broke the window. The window was broken by Richard.

7) The detective solved the case. The case was solved (by the detective).

8) I didn’t make my bed this morning. My bed wasn’t made this morning.

9) They bought the tickets yesterday. The tickets were bought yesterday.

10) The Smith drove the children to school. The children were driven to school (by the Smith).

11) Someone stole his wallet. His wallet was stolen.

12) Slaves built these pyramids. These pyramids were built by slaves.